MSI Afterburner on Android

The mobile version of MSI Afterburner is not designed for overclocking GPUs of smartphones and tablets. It is designed to remotely control your computer’s graphics gas pedals. It is used mainly on systems built for cryptocurrency mining, as a monitor — the smartphone display shows dynamic indicators and graphs. The article presents the features of the mobile utility.

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About the mobile version

MSI Afterburner on your smartphone is worth installing if your computer works around the clock, for example, mining cryptocurrency or regularly visualizes videos, scenes with three-dimensional graphics. The phone will replace an expensive gamer keyboard with a display that shows temperature, fps.

Important. Port 82 is used for connection and must be open.

Fan speed, graphics chip frequency characteristics, core and memory voltages can be changed. Remotely set peak power consumption. A separate window displays the current values of these characteristics, GPU and video memory utilization. Importantly, customization can be done during the process, on computers without monitor, input devices.

Opportunities and Features:

  • work with Nvidia and AMD devices;
  • remote video card overclocking;
  • dynamic performance monitoring;
  • control of all parameters of the graphics chip;
  • setting energy consumption limits;
  • displaying the frame rate on your smartphone.

Плюсы и минусы

управление производительностью видеокарты на компьютерах без устройств ввода и вывода;
доступны все элементы управления, присущие компьютерной версии программы;
работает с ПК с двумя и более видеокартами;
мгновенное применение настроек независимо от режима работы графической подсистемы.
вероятность перехвата управления злоумышленником.
отсутствие новых версий и поддержки приложения.

Where to download and how to install

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You will need the following to connect your smartphone or tablet to your PC to monitor and control your video card:

  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • installed MSI Afterburner on both devices;
  • server part of Remote Server on the computer.

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Mobile Afterburner is compatible with Windows 7 — 10 computers. To work you need Android 4.2 or older and 3 MB of free space in the phone memory.

  1. Download apk file and allow software installation on your phone from unverified sources.
  2. Open the application and notification settings on your smartphone or tablet.installing msi afterburner on android
  3. Navigate through the Android configuration settings sections and go to advanced settings.MSI Afterburner on Android
  4. Special Access section.MSI Afterburner on Android
  5. Visit «Installing Unknown…».MSI Afterburner on Android
  6. Move the switch to the «On» position for the browser you are downloading through and launch the APK file.MSI Afterburner on Android
  7. Our target is the browser from which you launch APK files, or the file manager.
  8. Move the switch to the «On» position for the browser you are downloading through and launch the APK file.MSI Afterburner on Android
  9. The instruction differs on different Android, in version 6 and 7 the item is in the security settings.
  10. To install, run the obtained APK file and give permissions.

Questions & Answers

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Разогнал 100 500 видеокарт и знаю толк в оптимальных настройках параметров. Можете задавать свои вопросы, помогу.
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Вопросы эксперту

Могут ли другие программы для Андроида синхронизироваться с MSI Afterburner на ПК?

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Нет, управление видеокартой на Windows через Afterburner возможно только с помощью одноимённой утилиты на Android.

MSI Afterburner на ПК увидит, что за ней «наблюдают» со смартфона?

Максим Мазута
Приложению нет разницы, управляют им с компьютера мышью и клавиатурой или со смартфона.

If you can’t display temperature and FPS graphs on the phone screen, the application does not connect to the computer, describe the problem in the comments, we will help you.

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