MSI Afterburner — the best program for overclocking graphics cards

MSI Afterburner is a utility for managing the performance of graphics gas pedals. It is used for overclocking and optimizing the values of video card parameters for cryptocurrency mining, gaming, visualization of three-dimensional scenes in order to improve performance. Serves as a clearinghouse for information about the hardware configuration of computers and laptops.

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We will tell you everything about AfterBurner: what this program is, where and how it is used, describe its features and functions. On the site you will learn about supported video cards, features of the application operation. Answering common questions.

The program is developed on the basis of RivaTuner — a popular in the early 2010s tool for overclocking video adapters.

About the program

MSI Afterburner is a program for improving the performance of graphics gas pedals, optimizing their cooling. Displays information about the computer’s hardware shell.

Application Features:

  • saving profiles with overclocking settings for different situations;
  • creating screenshots in three-dimensional applications;
  • The interface is customizable through design themes;
  • overlay display — overlay frame rate display on top of games;
  • hotkey control;
  • automatic profile management function;
  • monitoring and graphing of video card parameters: core and memory frequency, temperature, video processor load;
  • cooler speed control;
  • optimization of power consumption;
  • evaluating the performance of the graphics adapter.

It is freely distributed with an interface in 16 languages, including English. In addition to the latest stable edition, you can download the beta version.

User Interface

MSI Afterburner has a single-window interface. There are icons for accessing the main functions of the application, graphs of variables: temperature, core and memory load, fan speed and video card elements.

Program language, time and temperature output format, composition mode, design themes can be changed in the interface settings.

MSI Afterburner
MSI Afterburner interface.

The window is conditionally divided into blocks:

  1. Frequencies — memory, graphics core.
  2. Device Characteristics and Program Control Panel.
  3. Voltage and temperature.
  4. Video card information.
  5. Create, customize, and delete overclocking profiles.
  6. Monitoring window, where the graphs of the specified values are plotted.
MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
Window Blocks

MSI Afterburner displays detailed tooltips about interface element Read in detail how to overclock video cards from Nvidia and AMD in the publication.

  • At the bottom, real-time graphs are plotted in real time to monitor the video card.
  • Temperature, voltage, frequency, load, power consumption curves are optionally shown.
  • The «Monitoring» tab can be displayed in overlay mode — on top of other windows or in the tray to control the parameters of the graphics gas pedal in the game.
monitoring in msi afterburner
Monitor video card parameters.

Program functionality

Afterburner has a rich set of options:

  • Core Voltage — Controls the applied voltage;
  • Power Limit — Limit power consumption;
  • Temp. Limit — sets the peak temperature, after which the overclocking settings are reset;
  • Core Clock — changes the frequency characteristics of the core;
  • Memory Clock — controls the frequency of graphics memory;
  • Fan Speed — editing of the fan speed curve.

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Undervolting the core chip

The application supports undervolting to reduce voltages. Lowering the voltage and current of the video card core helps to reduce the heating of the device chip, noise of the cooling system coolers. In analytical form Afterburner displays: current memory and core frequencies, its temperatures, voltages, in graphical form — much more.

msi afterburner information
System information about the status of the video card.

Underwinding is the opposite process to acceleration. It lowers the power consumption of the graphics adapter, and with it, its performance. However, the video card memory continues to work within the specified parameters.

Pros and cons

мониторинг основных параметров видеоадаптера;
бесплатное распространение;
изменяемый внешний вид;
программирование горячих клавиш для управления разгоном;
изменение основных рабочих характеристик видеокарты;
поддержка большинства графических адаптеров;
подробные всплывающие подсказки;
русскоязычный интерфейс;
дополнительные функции;
пять профилей с настройками;
вывод fps (доступен после установки RivaTuner Statistic Server).
поддерживает управление напряжением не всех видеокарт;
не предупреждает о перегреве чипа.

How to use MSI Afterburner program?

To operate MSI Afterburner, be sure to update your graphics adapter drivers. Then run the app, change the operating frequencies by a few percent or tens of megahertz, apply the new settings, and test the device with a benchmark. If all is well, repeat the procedure.

MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards

You may have to modify the fan curve to improve cooling efficiency. For different purposes, create profiles with settings to quickly switch device modes.

Download MSI Afterburner for free

Пароль на архивы: 2255

Download the latest or previous version of Afterburner to your Windows computer below:

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Older versions can be downloaded here. It’s been a while since new versions have been added.

Installation instructions

  1. Run the obtained file, click «Yes» when prompted by UAC.
  2. Select the interface language.MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
  3. In the next window, click «Next», then read the app’s terms of use and accept them.
    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Terms of Agreement.

    RivaTuner Statistic Server is needed to output fps in overlay and video recording from the screen.

  4. Determine the components to be installed (no additional downloads required).

    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Installation of RivaTuner Statistic Server.

  5. If necessary, change the directory to extract the files, then click «Install».
    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Selects the installation folder.

    If you have chosen RivaTuner Statistic Server, follow the same steps as for Afterburner deployment.

  6. The program is launched from the installer window.

    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Program Deployment.

  7. If you are prompted to reboot, do not ignore it or restart your computer before starting the application.

    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Completing the installation

  8. A mandatory reboot is required after installation.

    MSI Afterburner - the best program for overclocking graphics cards
    Reboot Warning.

After calling Afterburner, you can drag the unlocked sliders to lower or raise the values. Click on the profile icon at the bottom right to save the settings to a memory locatio Left-click on them to apply them quickly, right-click on them to delete them.

For details on how to overclock your video card and unlock inaccessible sliders, read the links.

Questions & Answers

Максим Мазута
Разогнал 100 500 видеокарт и знаю толк в оптимальных настройках параметров. Можете задавать свои вопросы, помогу.
Задать вопрос
Чтобы исключить возможность нанесения вреда устройству, опишите конфигурацию своего компьютера и цель разгона. Мы подскажем, как безопасно повысить быстродействие ПК.
Вопросы эксперту

Какие видеокарты могут работать с MSI Afterburner?

Максим Мазута
Приложение работает со всеми дискретными графическими ускорителями при условии использования свежих версий драйверов, но часть функций может быть недоступной.

Полноценная поддержка гарантируется для видеокарт:

- Nvidia GeForce, начиная с 6-й серии с драйвером не старее ForceWare 96.XX;

- AMD HD 2000 и новее с драйвером, начиная с Catalyst 9.3.

Можно ли использовать на ноутбуке?

Максим Мазута
Да, можно, но есть особенности разгона видеокарты на ноутбуке.

Работает ли программа в фоновом режиме?

Максим Мазута
Да. Кликните по иконке «Свернуть» или «Минимизировать».

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